Association motoneigistes Vallée de la Nation (771-13)



1975-  3 Thurso residents decide to start AMVN with the small towns getting in one club.  Thurso, Plaisance, Papineauville, Ripon, St-André-Avellin and Montpellier start the club.

1976-  The new club bought a brand new 1975 Skidozer252  to start gromming.  Club also make a draw of a BoaSki with 5000 tickets at 1.00$ each.

1977- Montebello join AMVN

1978-  First trail map done by the club

1979- Portage bridge is constructed and 1st snowmobile festival in St-André-Avellin

1980- John Deere held their dealers congress at Chateau Montebello and give to the club a Spitfire.  The club held a draw for it.

1981- Papineauville sector didnt had any directors for a part of season and speculation about closing this sector.  Finally new directors came in and stabilize this sector.

1982- Club organised a better signalisation of the trails

1984- Chénéville join AMVN and have the bombi of this club to grommed the trails as 2nd grommer

1985- 1st beans lunch at Mulet relay and 1st water race on Lac Simon

1986- Giant BBQ organised during summer at Lac Simon

1988- At the Quebec Federation the club won the title of club of the year and president Jacques Fecteau is named patroller of the year.

1989- Club held the Outaouais snowmobile festival

1990- Club organised  the 1st snowmobile show in Papineauville

1991- Anick Massie, representing AMVN, named Snow flower of the year for province.  Club bough a 1988 BR60

1992- Club held a grass race in Montebello for the ist time.

1994-  Big changes in consil follow by the purchase of a brand new grommer (BR180).  A new club logo, Petite-Nation mayors have been invited for a day of snowmobiling in our trails, 1st draw of a brand new snowmobile (500 tickets of 50$)

1995- Another BR180 bought for south sector.  Brand new commercial and touristic signages on all our trails.

1997- 1st edition of NetRide east

1998- St-André-Avellin bridge done after 80 000$

1999- AMVN won BlizzOr honor for the best quality and security for their trails thruout all Qc clubs

2000- Brand new garage for the club in Chénéville

2002- Poor snow this winter only 4 weeks of trails in south part of the club

2003- Trail to Ripon area closed because of the lost of right aways

2009- 1st Poker run held for an handicap kid of Petite-Nation and organised by Michel Fecteau

2010- Club bough a Prinoth Husky groomer

2011- Quebec productors Association (UPA) closed trails in december thru out province.  Its finally solve in january.

2012- President Jacques Fecteau is name volunteer of the year for Outaouais by the Quebec Government for snowmobiling.  Major investment on St-André-Avellin bridge (bridge base repair for 60000$) and on TQ43 (bridge replacement for a new one for 80 500$)

2013- St-André-Avellin bridge is now Martin-Léger bridge.  Lost of regional 323 trail beetween Plaisance and Thurso after Parti Quebecois decision to close Plaisance Park to snowmobiling).   A new trail project is on table right now but it will be a major project and will probably take a couple of years to accomplish.

2014- Stéphane Bisson is named Outaouais volunteer of the year by Quebec government in Quebec.  Major investments in trail system including 3 new culverts on TQ43.  Thurso-Plaisance project is upgrading.

2015- 40th anniversary for the association.  Brand new Husky dozer for north portion of the club.

2016- Cheneville garage extension build.  Project to replace bridge Laroche II on TQ43.  Stephane Bisson replacing Jacques Fecteau as president.  Luc Nadeau leave Montebello sector after 46 years of volunteer in snowmobile and is name volunteer of the year for Outaouais by MTQ.

2017 – New trail project thru Papineau-Labelle park to connect to Kiamika.   Reopen project of getting back trail beetween Plaisance and Thurso.  Martin-Léger and LarocheII bridges renovation.

2018-  Laroche II bridge project of 140 000$ done before season.  Lots of improvements in the trails.   Big changes on board of directions.   New online trail permits sales platform with the federation.  New relay for St-André-Avellin.   Bridges Denis-Lalonde and Sylvain-Legault in memory of those 2 directors.  Buying  2018 Skandik for south sectors and 2018 defender for all works in trails.

2019-  Updates for TQ43 and Lac Schryer relay.