Sanitary Measures – COVID-19


The AMVM, in collaboration with the FCMQ, would like to make a few recommendations before leaving home for your next ride:

  • Create your itinerary and share it by email or text message depending on the digital device used.
  • Make sure that the services such as gas stations, restaurants and hotels that you wish to visit while on your ride, will be open.
  • Stay tuned to your club’s communications to confirm the opening of the shelters that you will cross during your trips.
  • Avoid busy hours for your stops to avoid being unable to use the services due to the lack of space. Gatherings are limited in public spaces.

What you need for your rides:

  • Spare masks or face covers;
  • 70% hydroalcoholic solution;
  • Disinfectant wipes;
  • Single-use tissues;
  • Ziplock bags for disposal of your used belongings.

Access to services may be limited, so don’t forget to bring water, snacks, lunch, etc.

Plan to pay by credit card when making purchases during your ride.

For more details, visit the FCMQ website.


The current situation forces us to review our trail interception procedures. The health of our volunteers as well as the health of our members is our priority.

In order to ensure the safety and security of all, a distance of 2 meters must be respected at all times. Interceptions on trails must be done without any contact with the personal documents of snowmobilers.

Trail wardens will ask you to present your documents and, if necessary, a photo of the trail permit could be taken.

On trails, I respect safety! Trail wardens are more than 1200 volunteers dedicated to your safety!

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